Christmas holiday:How to cook for your In-laws part 2.


Yesterday I wrote a short story on how to cook for your In-laws especially as this Christmas holiday approach. And I will like to continue from the story….like I said especially in the Eastern part of Nigeria, happily the wives that knows how to cook will gladly want to showcase their cooking styles and skills, and the ones that don’t know how to cook will hide away, forming sickness like” I have headache ” and the ones that form and are claiming they know how to cook will add
Plenty oil
To much maggi
To much pepper
Adding all sorts of ingredients, thinking that all these ingredients will make the food sweet.
The worst part of it, plenty fish and meat that was bought to serve the family through out the Christmas holiday will now finish in two days, there by making your In-laws to be unsatisfied with you……stay tune for more.


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