PSQUARE: E no Easy ooo


Last Sunday I went to friend at the bar, so there was this group of friends gisting and discussing about how things used to be and how things are now. I was listening,.But what really caught my attention towards them as I over heard one of them mention PSquare .
He actually said that right now would have being a better time, good time for PSQUARE Peter and Paul to have released their track “E no Easy ehh”.
The man said that things were better than now, and hard now, that people right now are struggling, suffering to make ends meet. Some are even considering suicide, he asked a question, how did we got here??? He asked his friends a question that if not, why will a full grown up man climb a highest bill board to protest against hardships. Because as a human being, its not even easy for you to climb a tree talk of a bill board. The other friend friend said even one claimed a Network mask.

PSQUARE, Peter and Paul made and released one of their hottest hit track “E no Easy ehh ehh” 2009, and it was a huge success. They can sing, they can dance. I personally enjoyed the song during that year, you can’t come and meet me at home and I am not playing or dancing “E no Easy eh”
Even if you no get money eh eh
The jolly dey shake body ah ah
No need to tear body
Efit no be God eee ahhhh
But unfortunately the stars PSQUARE, twin brothers have gone their separate ways, to pursue different goals.
I wish they were still one
I wish them well.


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