Review: How To Cook For Your Man


    I don’t know how sexy, how beautiful and comfortable you feel, you want to get your apron tied round your waist, all of a sudden in your thoughts ” I want to cook something, special for my man”, who knows what’s cooking??? May be its his Birthday, may be he got a promotion at work or he got a new job, or job offer, may be his friends are coming over for a drink,or to celebrate with him on the big game, big win, or noting happened, you just want to make him feel special that he got you. Or your in-laws are coming over for dinner. For whatever reason you’ve got , you just want to cook for your man. And you are just dressed up, clad up, your hair rolled up in pin, your face filled with smiles because you just want to make, that special man, the one in your life happy.

    Few weeks ago I wrote on my food/ cooking tips, news, entertainment page ” i simply cook” announcing that I am going to write a book titled “how to cook for your man” and finally I want to start writing the book on a manuscript. I don’t know where to start or how to start, but actually as I am writing to you and you are reading I think l have started writing. I got it all on my head, some thing beautiful to share with you guys……

    And as the Holiday Christmas Season approaches, I think its gonna be the best time time to focus and write the book. I will be giving you insights and review as I write through.

    And let me hear from you too. Thanks for reading too.

    Now is March I am pulling through, you will have a review to read soon.

    Cheers guys!!!



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