Be careful Down Below
for trims and general clean up, use an electric razor or clippers, since blades can cause ingrown or worse down below or on your back or chest.( a study found that 83 percent of genital injuries treated in the Erv are from sharing razors, and 40 percent of them are in men, but if you decide to go with razor clear away dead skin cells in the shower first, with a fruit- acid scrub and use plenty of shaving gek to ward off ingrowns and irritation.

Moisture Your Face
Men’s face tend to be oiler than women’s but to help avoid wrinkles, its smart to use a daily moisturizer, if you have drier skin, try heavier cream.

For An Easier Shave Keep Things Moist – That’s why its smart to it when you are fresh out of the shower and coarse Beard hairs are wet and more flexible. And if you are prone to razorq burn, try a new shaving gel rather than a foam. The newest gels soften hairs even more, so you are less likely to have redness razor bumbs or Ingrow hair after wards.

Avoid After Shaves With Alcohol shaving scrapes away the top layers of skin cells, that’s good for clearing up break outs and dryness. But it can irritate your face. Avoid alcohol – based after shave.

Avoid Hot Shower
Think Warm Shower- not Hot in the shower, turning the temp of your shower just a bit low can help your skin from getting flaky, dry, scaly, itchy. The hotter the water, the more natural oils get striped away from your body and skin.
Don’t Pat, Don’t Rub

After washing up, Pat dry, especially the thinner, more delicate skin on your face rubbing too hard with a towel can irritate and dry it out.

Read Labels Before You Buy Skin Care products

Skin care products labels can seem confusing at first, so to make things easier, just look for a few helpful key words like ” alcohol free” it means likely to be gentle and won’t dry out. A cleanser or lotion with antioxidants or vit A, C, E may help skin repair itself from everyday damage.
Skip The Scents
Fragrance in skin care products are usually man-made chemicals, which can irritate and dry. So if you have sensitive Skin, its best to go for unscented lotions and cleaners some men do better with scent that comes from natural ingredients like citrus and lavender.


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