Book Review: How To Cook For your Man


    Am still writing my book Titled ” How To Cook For Your Man” I told you guys I will be giving you reviews and insights of what I am writing.
    So you can read a bit of what I have written so far, Cooking for your man is an act of love, act of service, is an action you perform in other to your man closer to you. You are giving back to your man, by appreciating him, it takes only real, true and solid love, for a woman to cook for her man.
    When you truely want to cook for your man, you are doing it from your heart, you are not just standing in the kitchen, glancing at kitchen window, memorizing on what to cook. Because you are ready to cook that’s why you are standing in the kitchen, because if you are not ready you will be right in your bedroom.
    You have already outlined what you want to do, no body is directing you, you are the director, the Best Chef in the world. Your mind your menu you want to cook for him because he is your king. The meal has to be special, not like other meals you use to make and serve, from the cooking till serving the food on the dinning, every detail has to be Special.

    Cooking for your man is a Voluntary Job, its choice, will I add a reflex action. You can decided to cook for your man or someone else will do it for you and help you finish the job.


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