This pre- wedding Photos Depicts So Much Fun & Love, How I Wish couples Depicts What They Show Us In Pre-Wedding Photos For The Rest Of Their Lives


“Love is such a beautiful thing,” they say, and ” who ever finds a wife, finds a good thing, and obtains favour from God, ” “and for this reason this reason a man shall leave his mother and father and cleave to his wife.” These are wise saying all from the Bible.

Marrige is a beautiful thing, a precious and a natural gift from God to man. As I was scrolling through my Facebook, on Igboist group page, I saw this pre- wedding Photos, it makes sense to me, the couple so full of life, energetic, adventurous,look like they are so much in love, they’ve known themselves for ages. In all that, the couple to be are having the great time of their life.

Couple on an adventure, a journey as you can see for yourself, and I ask myself, what stops couples after marriage to continue what they have shown us in pre wedding Photos, what they have built before they come public, after the wedding we start hearing different stories of how they regretted making that bold steps, love fades, relationship go sour, for what reasons?? People fight themselves, fall out of love, and all these are based on ignorance, when you marry who you love wholeheartedly you will genuinely find ways to sustain the relationship, you will be patient enough to look for ways to make the relationship work, because its no longer a short term adventure, but a long term adventure, unless your partner is toxic. An even a toxic partner can change, just learn, and be willing to make everlasting changes in your relationship, always take a look at your pre- wedding Photos and think ,can we be this or that forever ?? If it can be seen in the photos why not in reality?? You can do it, but it needs more efforts from both party to achieve a great welcoming inside and outside better marriage relationship. Forgive your partner, don’t harbour bad history of your partner in your thoughts, I know its not easy, but you can learn. unless your partner is a dangerous one, and I pray we don’t meet dangerous partner. Amen!!

How I wish couples can depict what they show us in pre- wedding photos in their marriage for the rest of their lives.


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