Amazing Way Of Making Spicy Tasty Chicken


There are amazing ways of making of delicious chicken, everybody likes or even love chicken, and there are different ways of making and preparing chicken.
You can make chicken sauce, chicken soup, crispy chicken just like KFC, fried chicken or southern fries, another way I enjoy so much is shredded chicken in veg….. We also have chicken meat balls , and chicken floss, chicken sharwama, they are all delicious… Wait o, did I forget chicken & chips??? No way!! Baked chicken they are all Delicious.
The basic things you need for your chicken to be tasty, yummy, nice aroma, is the right spices and right sauce, right ingredients, that’s the basic, primary things you need.
For you to have that great tasty chicken not just the cripsy fine chicken on a plate, but can I have a bite ?? And come back to your kitchen to have more of that spicy tasty yummy chicken?? That’s the Question.
Chicken Layers

To have a tasty chicken you need powerful spices, and ingredients. For me I love to spice my chicken with ginger , curry powder it gives it a great taste, aroma, and flavor. Onions, chicken cube, any of your choice, I also love chicken glory, garlic is another powerful spice, chicken flavours
For you to have that great taste in your chicken, after spicing or saucing your chicken, add spices and ingredients according to the quantity of meat you are preparing, beware of salt, so that it doesn’t spoil your meat, so I can have a bite as well, I hate salt you know?? Lol!! you stir it in the pot and steam the chicken on your stove.
Why steam??? So that all the ingredients will be absorbed by the chicken to make a great taste, never add water why you steam your chicken. After steaming your chicken for like 5minutes you can now add desired level of water you need, above the chicken in pot. Because you might need the chicken broth to make chicken sauce, chicken soup. Or chicken anything you need it for or even rice, coconut, jollof rice or stew.
Allow it to boil and soon and simple you have your tasty, spicy delicious chicken ready to be used for any desirable chicken whatever, example: fried chicken, meat balls, sauce etc
More photos;
Chicken meat balls

Carrot Rice/ Shredded Chicken

Chicken & chips

Chicken Soup


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