Other Countries call Africa Shit Holes, OBj As He Talks About 5P’s for Nation Building In Africa At African Future African Leaders Award


The former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo was present at future African Leaders Award, powered by believers love world, new year eve, annual event .
The former president Talks about building Africa for tomorrow, how other countries call us shit holes, African country, he asked if we are shit holes?? The crowd cheered no as an answer.
He talks about 5 ps of nation building,
One of them is politics, we have to get things right, democracy is not only election, democracy is making the people matter.
Next P is population, he talks about the growth and increase in population, and education is one of the ways to manage our population, they must acquired skills, empowered, and gainful employment. Politics and governance r tied together.
Next is Protection, security, security of properties, there is no security or protection, security of jobs, human security, human right is part of protection. If all of them are well managed.
Then we go to prosperity, I will never stop talking about poverty.
We have mineral, quality of land that we have, we are not poor, we are the ones that made ourselves poor.
Time has come for us to talk abt prosperity
5 is partnership, there is a saying ” if you eat alone you die alone, cooperation, partnership among ourselves, partnership with other countries, collaboration, we should walk together, if you want to go fast go alone, we have to go far and go fast. All this are collective work. Together we shall surprise the world, when we do what we are suppose to do. And do what pastor Chris is doing for the youths, we shall go far,
And that is how to build tomorrow’s Africa.
Pastor Chris Oyakilome of Christ Embassy Was Present. And other celebrities, dignitaries


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