This Ugba (oilbean) prepared with Chicken, why would you miss it


This morning as i woke up from my morning sleep, i searched for my phone, it was very close to me, l looked at my phone, blank, its dead and there was no Nepa light to bring the phone back to life, normal Naija problem. And i need to hurry, hustle and start my day because its already 9:30 am. I slept very late last night. And i am bearing the consequences.

Thank God Nepa light came i had to plug my phone and charge. Like 10 minutes still charging, still trying to get ready for the day, my younger brother called me that he is in Abuja, he flew in that morning to do something, i asked him why he didn’t call me earlier, though he already told me he is coming to Abuja, but due to election wahala( problems) i didn’t remember  he actually told me he was coming .

Tadaaaaaa what came to my mind was wow what am i going to prepare for him in the shop, normally each time he comes around i used to make a special delicacy for him, after all am his big sister, i have to shine small 😂 😂 so that there might be “any thing for the girls” LOL!!

So while i was on my way he called me again, and asked ” am hungry, have you prepared anything?? I answered nope, but i will do that, he said well i shouldn’t worry that he is already eating. ” i said OK no problem, but i will still make some thing for you. He asked “like”? I said i have UGBA and Chicken. He said cool.

That was how i managed to make this special delicacy Ugba and Chicken delicacy for him, and it turned out well tasty, garnished  with spring onion, spiced with ehuru, red pepper, onion, prepared with red oil, crayfish, Royce cube, salt,  and ngoor.

For those of your you who don’t know the food, its Igbo local spicy food. for occasions, outings, or appetizer the aroma is another level.

Ugba or Ukpaka is called oil bean in English language. Its also called African Salad. You will love it. Let me know if you want to learn how to prepare this special meal for your love ones or for your business.



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