I hate flying -Linda Ikeji reveals


Celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji, who currently traveled with her only son to Durban South Africa, for Forbes woman Africa leading women summit and also signing a production deal for her TV station Litv revealed on her IG page some of the things she likes and hates.

Linda Ikeji said that she is one of the speakers at the Forbes woman Africa leading women summit ,”and I am a nervous wreck .Lol” she said that over the years she has been invited to speak across the globe on women in business in Africa, entrepreneurship, blogging and its phenomenon in Africa, women in media etc but she never attended. Linda said mostly because the thought of her standing and sitting in front of an audience to speak is nerve wrecking for her, she said she would rather avoid it.

Secondly, Linda Linda Ikeji revealed that she hates “flying”  you better pray you don’t sit next to me on a plane, ” she claimed, but since Jaycee her son came into her life that she has being feeling different. Now I want to travel the world because of him to open his mind to all the possibilities. I want to show him the world, one country at a time, Linda said.



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