See things you should do after having sex with your significant other


Having sex can be an exciting act, in fact it is a job, sex is meant to be enjoyed by both sexes male, female.

Many people shy away from having sex, and some have developed a sense of responsibility to having sex given to mankind by the creator to the universe.

Don’t leave your self like that after having sex with your partner, you have to take proper care of your self before and after sex.

See for your self what you should do after sex with your partner.

You don’t need to hop and run out of bed immediately after sex according to a study, but carefully and gently clean your self can protect both sex from infection. Wash with mild soap, avoid harsh soap, wash around your genitals and not inside.

After sex, make sure you empty your bladder, why? Because during,  sex bacteria can enter into your urethra, the tube that Carries urine out of the body. This can can raise chances of infection. In order words when you pee or empty your bladder you are helping your self by flushing the germs and bacteria out. But don’t forget to enjoy some cuddles with your partner first before you head to the rest room. Women should make sure the wipe from the front to back to stop the spread of bacteria.

Don’t forget to drink a glass of water after sex, this is because when you stay hydrated, you will pee more, bacteria will not have a place to stay because as you pee the bacteria are been washed out of your body before infections can start building up.

Another thing to do after sex with your partner is to wash your hands with clean water, this is said to help you get rid of bacteria you might have picked from your partner’s genitals.

If you are with a new partner, get tested especially if you are sexually active, its a very good ideal for you to get test of STDs. Studies has shown that sometimes the these infections don’t have symptoms, so the best way to know or find out is to go to hospital and get tested.




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