How to make a rich chicken veg saute(photos&recipe)


To make a rich Chicken veg saute is not hard, it is very easy and easier. Its a delicious meal, tasty with great aroma beautiful colours, attractive.

I remember my mother  those days  how she always likes to makes a delicious vegetable saute for us, she always prepares it with ugu leaves, and we fill it inside slice bread just sandwich and morning breakfast with tea. Plantain fried or boiled, yam etc. It taste so yummy and not only good but great.

To make a chicken veg saute see the things you need.


Chopped Spinach, green or ugu leaves

Red fresh pepper and onion grinded together

Fresh farm tomatoes diced with onions

Grinded crayfish

Royco cube/ knowr chicken cube

Salt to taste

Cucumber and onion for garnishing

Small red oil (depending) on the quantity of what you are cooking.

Half kilo chicken ( one serving, if you want to cook for more people add the chicken)

Photos of the ingredients;


Cook your chicken meat well spiced, avoid to much salt, salt to taste. After cooking the chicken, bring it down. Get your sauce pan ready, put it on fire , medium heat, add the red oil and  heat.

Add firstly chopped onions, grinded pepper and tomatoes, keep stirring for a minute, add crayfish, add knowr cube, salt to taste,  about 2 minutes as you stir add the boiled chicken, stir, lastly add your vegetable. Guess what you have? Your Chicken Veg Saute is ready to serve.

You can serve with any choice of your food, rice, beans, bread, swallow.






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