Mothers Day is a special day in the world set aside to celebrate the  mothers of our time, for all the good things, out standing achievements in the life of their children and people surrounding them. For ages, you can’t talk about a family without the role of mothers and motherhood.

All over the world mothers are celebrated, rich or poor, single or married, religious or non religious, young and old, it has been on the history before our time and it will continue to stay because its a forever thing. Its a tradition.

During the ancient time, mothers are seen and known as home keepers, home makers,  because of their great job. There job was to stay at home, cook, wash, clean the house, take care of their husbands, take care of their children till the end, total commitment to their family total submission to their husbands. While their husbands, father’s are providers and hunters.  But these days women , mothers have become providers too. Because of the world we are now.

They work so hard to make sure the home is in a good shape, in their community. Their home was their office, they don’t need to carry CV to any where to look for jobs, instead they where Entrepreneurs, going to farm, to weed,sow harvest and sell their farm proceeds. Buying wrappers, jewelries to sell on Eke,or Nkwo day! And who still remember?

Our mothers today still do the same thing today in a different way, in a different style, today women struggle too, to take care of their kids, meet up, get employed work in offices. Break records, every woman is not Lazy because they have a lot of  great jobs facing them, right from the time you become a mother, you have to be prepared for the job because a great job is always ahead of you, full of sacrifices. You have to be ready to deliver so your children or kids will call you blessed and your husband will praise you and trust you.

For those that thinks that a  mother is a title, today I quote you wrong, sorry to disappoint you,  I stand tall to tell you, a mother is a job for those who are qualified to be one. And it is a part of a womanhood as you develop, as you live your life, you will see the changes, and your job has begun, it is a life time job, and if you do your job well, organized, with out compromising, you will reap your rewards.

Mothers have lots of rewarding benefits, when you take care of your children, by trying your best to guide them, put them through in life, raise them well, the sky will be your Limit. You will never regret it, because it will always report back to you.  Educate your children, teach them, guide them to grow in wisdom and in the fear of God, so that they will be useful to themselves and to the society at large.

If you want to be a successful mother, you need to cut out laziness, laziness its not a healthy one, as a mother who wants to build a beautiful, glorious home. First you need to learn how to wake up early in the morning to take charge, and give instructions to your home, as a mother your first office of resumption should be your home, house, don’t wait for your house maids to take charge of your home, the only thing your house mate should receive in your house in the morning is your instructions on what to do.

Do not still lie on the bed in the morning and think to your self, “why did i employ him of her, of cause she knows what to do” yes she knows what to do? But she is not in charge! Try and be in charge of your home, work hard where it is necessary and you will not regret it. And then go out and work, business, skills, any one that you are good at, start something. Do not stay idle, I repeat, do not stay idle. Right from when I was a kid, there wasn’t an idle time for me.

I didn’t come from a rich home, and up til now am not rich, but I have never been idle in my life.

Starting from my church first Baptist church, as you are being dedicated in the Church, few months old, you will receive a certificate from the Women’s wing of the Church (WMS) that you are now a certified member of a Sunbeam group which is meant for kids from age 0-10years, and if you are a strong member of that group in church, there will be no time, for you, because there are lots of activities, for you, at that early stage,you will have camps to attends, memorize almost 20 to 50 memory bible verse for competitions, workshops to attend and local Association meetings and church convention. As you grow stage by stage, you are moving to the next group, according to your age, if you are a girl, you move to Girls Auxiliary group (GA) boys move to Royal Ambassador (RA) our lives then were from school, to church activities, it was all about learning the word, painting, arts, meeting friends reciting,  barber jobs, music too. and it really helped us because, our mothers encouraged us and pushed us to be there.

They things you don’t know how to do, learn them, ask questions,  do not be stagnant. Stagnation kills it is like a bacteria you are not taking care of.

As a mother learn how to speak words of wisdom to your children and husband, and people or community around you, I remember when I was growing up in my family house, you can rain insults like ” thunder fire you, God punish you ” in my house? Or just start raining insults on someone. You will fear my mother when she hears such words from you.

As a mother learn how to guide your children on time, if you miss it at the first stage, forget it, that is why you see some children insulting their mother, beating their mother. Because as a mother you did not take it as a job. Keep a close eye on the conduct of your family. Do not allow your family to waste and you will cry for the rest of your lives how things turned out, and how your kids turned out when you were the architect of it?

Respect your children, respect your family, respect your husband it speaks for you, when you respect them, they will reciprocate the respect, ” Respect is reciprocal” is not a joke saying, its the truth.

Mothers should try and make sure the inculcate the fear of the Lord in themselves and in the lives of their children “Charm is deceptive and beauty evaporates, but a woman who has the fear of the Lord should be praised. Reward her for what she has done, let her achievements praise her at the city gate. ” proverbs 31:30-31

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, remember to make your your self and your home a haven of cleanliness. Its Very very important.

Happy mothers day to the mothers of our time!!!! God bless you real Good!!

Above all, your home should be peaceful, a shelter, a refuge, sanctuary. And you must be a worshiper! Let’s strive to make our home a better place, in the lives if our children, our husbands, our working and business place and the society as a whole.







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