Powerful! 82-year old Pope Francis kneels down &kiss the feet of South Sudanese president, Vp-designate to appeal for peace(photos)


Pope Francis shocked guest at a Vatican Spiritual retreat to beg them to maintain the peace in the region and protect a treaty putting an end to conflict in south East region.

The 82-year old pope despite suffering chronic leg pain, the Pope had to sought  the support of his aides to carry out his gesture by going down on his knees and kissing the feet of leaders have left many present in the room astonished .

The Pope was seen appealing to South Sudanese president – Salva Kiil, Vice president-designate Riek Machar, and Rebbeca Nuandeng De Mabio.

The Pope said: ” To the three of you who signed the peace agreement, I asked you as a brother remain in peace.” I ask you from my heart. Let us move forward. There will be many problems, but don’t be afraid to, go forward , resolve the problems. “You have started a process, may it end well. Although struggles will arise these should stay within office.”

See photos below;

God bless the Pope!



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