Kylie Jenner prefers a bill board to birthday cards to wish her boyfriend Travis scott a happy birthday(photos)


“Why get a birthday card when you can get a bill board ” 

Residents of West Hollywood on Friday, woke up to a surprising sight, a billboard of Kylie Jenner and her one year daughter Stormi, in a black and white photo of mother and daughter, plastered across the skyline in the honor of her boyfriend and baby Daddy Travis upcoming 27th birthday”Happy birthday Daddy!  love, mommy & Stormi ” the bill board reads.

Kylie really made Travis Scott feel special, as a father, and a lover, before his special day as his birth day is on 30th April, but it began on the 26th April, they treat themselves to a family private cinema to watch the movie ” Avenger End game .

See his birthday cake


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