Simply how to make your yam pepper soup(mmiri ji) without stress(Recipe,photos)


Last week, I was really craving for really Local dishes, but I can’t really place the food that is on my mind, but I wanted something different from what I have been eating.

Still on the search in my mind on what to eat, I still can’t figure it out, but I knew inside me I need to eat a local home made food, prepared by me.

I went to to the market, as part of my job in my small restaurant to get food stocks, and what I needed for my customers, as I was passing through the market that was when my eyes caught (Akwukwo Anara leaf) Garden Egg Leaf, I was like Wow!!! “Am getting closer” to my dream food this moment. I grabbed it from the seller, paid her N500.00, her without even remembering to collect my balance, because its sold for N100.00. As quickly as I remembered, I turned back and called her “Madam my change please” she said “sorry ma” and handed me #400.00 balance. I moved on, not knowing exactly what to do with that leaf, but I know I need it, I want it.

The same day, I have an already made UHA SOUP, so I added the leaf to the uha soup, and it thirst like madddd!!! If you know uha soup. Its a sweet soup.

But my garden egg leaf is still there, and I don’t want to waste it, in my unsearchable desire to make that special delicacy that’s still on my mind, ” I will fulfill that thirst, I must quench that hunger ” and right now is the time.

So next day set for the market, I saw , first guess what I saw??? Yam, hia! I said yes oo, “I have arrived” I bought my yam, for four servings. I was more than excited, to cut the story short, cos I know you can’t wait to grab my Yam pepper soup recipe and method of cooking to cook your own, because after I shared the photos of the recipe, a friend called me that he wants to make a special meal for his wife and its that Yam Pepper Soup with Goat meat. Guess it turned out well, cos he didn’t call me back to give me a feed back about the yam pepper soup he made for his wife looks Like.

To make a yam pepper soup is easy, I mean easier, no stress, simply cook!!

My yam pepper soup Recipe ;

1 tuber of yam, four servings or more.

*crayfish, fresh red pepper, salt to thirst

*Royco cube, red oil,(optional) water, 

*Local spices, like Uziza seed, uda and Ehuru seed grinded.

* Garden egg leaf (akwukwo Anara in Igbo) scent leaf (optional)

* Ogiri spice locust beans, (optional)

* Stock fish, or any meat of your choice, goat, chicken, dry fish or fresh fish (optional)


Cut your yam in small sizes, shapes you love, I prefer cutting in square shapes. Leave in water for washing, so that it doesn’t change the colour of the yam is retained, fresh.

Spice and boil your your meat or fish with onions, maggi cube, salt to thirst,  set aside so that it doesn’t scatter quick, and use the meat broth. Add water depending on the quantity of yam, add your little red oil, allow the water /meat broth to boil, add your the yam, add crayfish, pepper, spices, spices gives it flavor and nice aroma, don’t miss it while cooking your yam pepper soup, allow the yam to cook, as it’s boiling, add your meat or fish, chicken, close the pot, after 5 minutes check if the yam its well cooked, add your ogiri spice, it will give the yam a great flavour, add your garden egg leaf,scent leaf, bring down and serve hot.

Taddddddhhh your yam pepper soup is ready!





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