“Success is not male”: Linda Ikeji as she flaunts her luxurious ride(photo)


The successful blogger Linda Ikeji took to her Instagram to advice the ladies, as she flaunts photos of her luxurious ride, standing by the side of her Bentley car she bought for her son Jaycee 6months.

For young women who has limited themselves to not being successful because of their, they are female, Linda Ikeji, has some tips for you. Success is for everyone, male,female, even children, you can and will make it, by believing in yourself. And it all starts now, do not relent in your struggles, keep doing what you love doing, that is good and will benefit you at the  long run.

She wrote: ” Dear young women, success is not male,  wealth is not male, money is not male, there’s no limit to how successful you can be if you apply your self,”she stressed.

She also shared this photo of her and younger sister  inside her car ” with permission from baby J…..lol” she jokingly said. Permission from her son to use his car, because its the baby’s car.



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