Photos: Halima Aden becomes the first model for sports illustrated swimsuit model to wear hijab and burkini swim suit


History has been made as Halima Aden becomes the first model to wear a hijab and Burkini in the sports illustrated swimsuit issue magazine in the magazine 55 year history.

Halima Aden has made history to become the first model and Muslim woman to wear a hijab and burkini swum suit. And it is more beautiful.

Halima who is a Somali-America was born in kakuma refugee camp in northeastern Kenya and moved to the States when she was only 7 years old. She stated ” growing up in the States , I never really felt represented because I never could fllip through a magazine and see a girl who was wearing a hijab. Being in the sports illustrated is so much bigger than me. Its sending a message to my community and that the world that women of different backgrounds and looks and upbringings can stand  together and be celebrated”

See her photos below;



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