Tragedy as two planes collude in the air, leaving 4 persons dead one missing.


At least four people have been confirmed dead after two float planes colluded in flight Monday afternoon, near Ketchikan, Alaska, according to a news released from US coast guard.

The passengers on both planes were from the Royal princess cruise ship, which is on a seven-day cruise.

The Coast Guard which is leading the investigation, told CNN that they are looking for two people .

In an earlier statement to CNN , princess cruise lines, said five people were dead and one guest still unknown.

The crash took place around I p.m(5 P.m ET) when a small floatplane – an aircraft with pontoons or floats that allows it to land on water, operated by Taquan Air Flying a shore excursion .The flight sold through Princess Cruise, was returning from a tour of Alaska’s Misty Fjords and was carrying ten passengers and a pilot, the news release said.

The second plane involved was carrying four passengers on an independent tour too.

Nine of the passengers on the Taquan Air were rescued and received medical attention with one passenger’s condition still unknown , the release did not state the condition of the pilot in that plane.

The NTBS tweeted on Monday night that it was launching a go team to investigate the collision.

The Royal Princess cruise ship is scheduled to arrive in Anchorage on Saturday the news released said, part of the voyage , the company ‘s website said, included  “scenic glacier viewing” with stops at Juneau ,Ketchikan and Skagway. CNN reports.


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