Rochas said he is the best Governor that ruled Imo state


As the democracy day, gets near. And a new government to take over from the former government, Rochas Owelle of the All peoples congress, APC. The Owelle of IMO state, made some statement,

See his statement, he said he is the best governor of IMO state, that the oncoming governor of IMO State, Emeka Ihedioha has noting else to do for IMO people. Do You agree with him?

“Emeka Ihedioha has nothing else to do in lmo state as governor. I have done everything a governor should do. All l ask from him is to chose one day out of the 365 days in a year to immortalize me with a Owelle Rochas Okorocha Thanksgiving Day.

It will be a day to celebrate me for the great things i have done in lmo state as the best governor that has ruled the state.”



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