Tonto Dike beats the odd of getting married again, by marring her bestie Bobrisky(photo)


This is hilarious, actress Tonto Dike posted a wedding photo with Bobrisky the Nigerian cross dresser.

Tonto whom the Islamic cleric Hammad  Ademola gave his own  reasons, that  Tonto will never marry again for disgracing her former husband Churchhill and father of her only son,  currently Tonto has beaten the odds, by marrying one of her besties Bobrisky in photos.

As she shared the photos on her Instagram page, she said ” you people are mad!!! @bobrisky my hubby oga see us # THE WEDDING I DIDN’T PAY FOR #HuBBY #WIFEY, “#Bob” she called Bobrisky, as she make jest of her previous husband whom she claimed she “married with her money”  “#Bob with you atleast I know say I no go spend one naira to marry you #my moneysaved.” Tonto concluded .photo of Tonto Dike kissing Bobrisky on his lips at her 2018, birthday get together.



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