Have you heard about the Drake curse that made Anthony Joshua lose his world heavy weight Championship title to Andy Ruiz Jnr


Its all over the news, British boxing World heavy weight Champion Anthony Joshua was defeated by Andy Ruiz Jnr in the early hours of today, 1st of June .

Ruiz surprised the boxing world by stopping Anthony Joshua in the 7th round to win IBF, WBA, and WBO heavy weight titles .

But the world is not taking a chill because everyone believed that Anthony will win Ruiz. But reversed is the case. Ruiz won the fight to claim four titles.


Social media is burning because of the fight as Ruiz defeated Anthony Joshua.

So especially on Twitter, people are claiming that its pop singer Drake’s Curse that made  Anthony Joshua to lose his boxing fight against Ruiz.

Anthony took a photo with singer Drake, before his fight against Ruiz, as he shared it on social media, Instagram .but he still lost the fight, and and didn’t break Drake’s curse, people for seen it that, as a star, once you take a picture with Singer Drake, its meant to be doomed, you will lose it.

As they started comparing Drake with all this people he took photos with before their tournaments, competition.

Some are saying its a superstitious believe

do you believe in the so called superstitious believe, that made Anthony Joshua lose his fight against Andy Ruiz Jnr.


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