Its official! According to Forbes, rapper Jay-z is a billionaire


According to Forbes, JayZ is now officially the first hip-hop artist to achieve Billionaire status.

The American rapper according to new cover story in Forbes, the article talked about a 2010 meeting between the rapper and the billionaire Warren Buffet, from which the octogenarian became impressed.

Less than 10 years, the magazine surveys Shawn Carter’s empire, which ranges from music, a streaming service, liquor, art and real estate and stakes in other companies and determines that it totals $1bilion.

It also notes that he realized that he should build his own brands rather than promote someone else’s.

See Jayz primary holdings;

Armand de brignac champagne ( Ace of spades) $310million

Cash and investment (including a stake in uber, worth an estimated $70million)

$220million D’usse’ cognac

$100million Tidal streaming service

Roc nation $75million

music catalog $75million

Art collection $70million

Real estate $50 million





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