“How Africa underdeveloped Africa”Dele Momodu reacts to the height of corruption in Africa


The Nigerian media mogul Dele Momodu of Ovation Magazine has reacted to the high level and underdevelopment of Africa and its region.

Dele Momodu shared some photos depicting the level of how bad the Africans are incurring sufferings on themselves with heavy bad roads, no good infrastructure to boast of.

He wrote on his social media handle ” in our university days, one of the most popular books was HOW  EUROPE UNDERDEVELOPED AFRICA, BY WALTER RODNEY; I think a new book is overdue HOW AFRICA UNDERDEVELOPED AFRICA” he claimed.

But who is going to write the new book? On how “AFRICANS UNDERDEVELOPED AFRICA”

really the state of our roads are horrible, terrible, and also a death trap which our African leaders have generated for its citizens as a whole. Africans also have contributed enormously to the UNDERDEVELOPED state of their different countries and state. Some times when funds are budgeted for a certain project, individuals will be the one to slash the funds, and what is the government during about it?

There should be a huge consequence for any political government that has failed or  doesn’t deliver its services to its citizens, that way the level of corruption will be minimize in what ever region in Africa.

Africans should be bold as well to address the issues they are facing on daily bases, by taking the “bull by the horn”.




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