#TBT Taraji P Henson reminisced when she was broke and could not afford a stylist


The Cookie Lyon of Empire ,Taraji P Henson in her throwback Thursday #TBT couldn’t stop but to take us back to her past of when she was still broke and not able to afford a stylist during her early days as a celebrity.

That time she said “I think I had #babyboy and #Hustleandflow under belt and I was still broke and could not afford a stylist. This ensemble (jacket and purse) was from Wilson’s Leather” the Empire star claimed.

Who would believed that by the time the photo was taken, she was broke and had no stylist, wow she still looks great. Brokenness is in the heart, nobody knows until you split the bean.

But now its a different story, she is rich, living her beautiful life, with her good career, going on well,  with a son, and soon to be married to the love of her life come 2020.

Never depart from your journey, its not an easy road, but you know it in your heart that it was worth it. Follow your dreams, follow your heart. Not every one will support your journey or your career. Don’t look back, don’t stop, keep going, keep moving! Life is a journey!


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