For the past few weeks I notice that Avocado pear or Butter pear like they call it here  is in season. And each day I go to the market for my fresh veggies to cook my soups, and for stock, I sight them plenty in the market.

The market women display lots of Avocado.

And what that means to me is ” you need to buy it plenty” and since then each time whether in the market or passing by, once I sight Avocado, I must buy.

Do not miss that opportunity, and because its in season, I maximize my opportunity well of adding it to my daily meal, mostly after most of my meals. I add it to bread too.

But I love it more in Salads, the thirst is unique, yummy, different, and nourishing.

So why add it to your salads whether fruit or vegetable Salads?

Reasons because;

Avocados is high in healthy fats, they are loaded with enough fiber which is indigestible which can help in weight lost reduce blood sugar.

Eating Avocado, adding it to your Salads helps you to absorb nutrients from plant foods because of its fat content.

Adding Avocado to your salads help your eyes by protecting it, and because its loaded with strong and powerful antioxidant.

It also gives nourishment to the body. And it may also prevent Cancer.

So rush and buy your Avocado, its in season. Don’t overlook because you are missing. Why not this beautiful, nourishing fruit to your diet.


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