The singer Ebys’Lady has debuted her second single music record released after her debut #Mma Mma,  #ThankyouLord  on the link below;

Titled “June Luck” June Luck was released on the Eve of the singers birthday 18 June, 2020 and since then. June Luck is an inspirational song and has been making waves on its own way in the music digital streaming platforms like YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify. #Produced by :@MikianoConcept, #Artcover by :895 media

” Its rainfall in Africa

Summer time in Europe

When Lovers fall in love

When newborn’ s created

summer time and cold time is six month is June Luck is June “

That is part of the lyrics of the song.

Ebys’Lady Instagram page got some comments from Instagram users about the new song June Luck like from DJ Galaxy and Black Jadexxand many others, promotion campaign for the music have started on social media platform and all other digital stores.

June Luck song was dedicated to all the June babies birthday celebrants, Queens and Kings are born in June, you know? Lol! please don’t envy june babies.

Also dedicated to all lovers of june month, and lovers of life because you can’t do without June…in twelve months calendar of the year. It marks Rainfall in Africa, Summer time in Europe, lovers meet more doing June month,  what else? All the good things of life happen during June. “Newborn is created how can I do without June.”

So you can see lots of activities happen in June. And also in the celebration of #JuneteenthHoliday  on 19 of June month “Today is #Juneteenth holiday celebration in the United States of America…. Celebrating the Liberation of those who has been held as slaves in the United States. Originated in Texas currently is now been celebrated on #June19 with official recognition. Now is good time to celebrate #Juneteenth with my new song #JuneLuck streaming” the singer wrote on her social media platforms

Streaming preview of June Luck below;

When 895 Media interviewed the singer about June Luck, 895 media said is a great song and a blast!

To stream June Luck click on the link below ;



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